About Company

k-onenews.com is one of the leading Malayalam online news portals from Kasaragod, Kerala. In these fast paced world online portals plays a vital role to communicate with people across the world effectively and faster, and so is popular. Online newspapers act as a platform for exchanging views effectively in the modern era. There are several online websites which caters the reader’s interest in news, entertainment, education etc., in Malayalam, and bridge the gap between boundaries. Apart from exchanging views, it also actively involves in our daily social happenings in a more responsible way without any discrimination.
A group of Non Resident Indians, based at Kasaragod and some natives initiated the website “K-onenews.Com” aiming to air the happenings, especially in Kasaragod and overall Kerala to all Malayalees across the world. We hope this will be beneficial for millions of the expatriate Malayalees. By providing up-to-date, in-depth accurate information and genuine analyses, k-onenews.com aspires to be a one-stop reference point that serves both local and international audiences.
In today’s fast changing world every company needs an edge to keep up with today’s ever-changing consumer trends and behaviors. We offer companies the best suited media to advertise their brands and reach their target.


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